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3130 Mt Driver

High pitched noise coming from inside a flat panel monitor. Press and hold the power button for at least five seconds until the computer turns off. Delete unneeded files from diskette. Is my Windows version bit or bit?

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The cable is attached to the incorrect connector. Turn up the brightness and contrast controls of the monitor if the monitor is dim.

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HP Pro Minitower PC - Driver Downloads

Computer seems to be locked up and is not responding. Monitor is configured to use an input that is not active.

Install the video drivers included in the upgrade kit. Verify that the drivers were not accidentally deleted when the drivers for a new expansion board were installed.

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Verify that you are using the correct media for the drive. Computer shuts down automatically. Memory configuration may not be set up correctly. Computer will not boot from hard drive.

Check that the monitor is turned on and the monitor light is on. Check the application documentation to determine the memory requirements.

When the system advised you of changes to the configuration, you did not accept them. Clean the contacts with a lint-free cloth and small amounts of isopropyl alcohol. Check all cable connections for loose connections or incorrect connections. Not enough space is left on the diskette. Place the keyboard closer to the receiver.

HP Customer Support - Software and Driver Downloads

The correct printer driver for the application is not installed. Processor resources are being used by other open applications. Change the resource settings for the board in Computer Setup.

Solving Memory Problems If you encounter memory problems, some common causes and solutions are listed in the following table. Virus resident on the hard drive. If the correct codec is available, the file will play. Wrong drive is being used. Network controller is disabled.

3130 mt driver

Install or replace the Mouse batteries. You may have a screen blanking utility installed or energy saver features are enabled. Ensure that the cable and device at the other end are operating correctly. This chapter provides information on how to identify and correct minor problems, such as diskette drive, hard drive, optical drive, graphics, audio, memory, touchpad driver lenovo sl510 windows 7 and software problems. Make sure the correct network client and protocol is installed.

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Media installed upside down. The application was not installed or configured correctly. Turn on and use headphones or external speakers, if connected, or disconnect headphones or external speakers.

Before You Call for Technical Support

Jack has been reconfigured in the audio driver or application software. Boot the computer to the Safe Mode to see if it will boot without all of the drivers loaded.