Dating steinway pianos serial number, where is the serial number on kawai pianos

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Numbers over twenty thousand may suggest a Paris piano. This extends to the serial numbers, which can be found on most of the instruments. But they also began to add an inked number on the wrestplank at the far right.

Apart from Henry Schwander, the family did not make pianos, but their name is often hidden inside, on the rear of the action. The age of your piano is determined by the Serial Number. At the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 20 year old male St. Windus numbers were in the range during the s.

The following list of Aucher Freres numbers on your left was given to me some years ago by the late John Davis. Back in the eighties, I was the first person in the world to publish these, although the list has been greatly improved since then. Information on how the piano works, ages, how to make a hookup and the difference between different piano brands is discussed in great detail.

Bosendorfer Piano Serial Numbers

  1. The Baldwin pianos are made in most modem and perfectly equipped factories under ideal manufacturing conditions.
  2. It is sometimes difficult when a name is taken over by another factory, and the numbers can change.
  3. Here are a few examples, very useful if the main number is faded, or painted over.

In Gibson acquired a piano factory in the Guangdong Province, of China. The Cramer firm changed its name several times, and this helps us to estimate the date of some examples, as well as other makes sold by them. Later taken over by Herrburger Brooks. The result is a book that should be cherished for years to come. See also the modern numbers nearer the bottom of the page.

By the s, they had numbers suggesting the s. Many of the pianos had made-up names such as Claremont, Normelle or Rottmann. These are more complex forms of thousand-per-year numbering.

Kawai Piano Serial Numbers How Old Is My Kawai Piano

  • Style and construction are strong indicators of the general period a piano was made.
  • The following stock numbers imprinted next to the name are a better guide to date, but the dates are only estimated, and a piano sold secondhand would be older.
  • Thank you for helping us find our piano.

Where is the Serial Number on Kawai Pianos

Occasionally other legs styles were also used such as pedestals, lyres, and other fanciful leg shapes. Support our site at no cost to you. These are for pianos made by John Sr. Dates are approximate, 100 free single and a refined and enlarged version of this information should be forthcoming in future months. It enjoys a leading position among the world's artistic musical instruments.

Here is another set of numbers, hand-written ones. Identical models may appear with many of these names. Baldwin is now owned by the Gibson Guitar Company. Drachmann Metropolitan Anderson Bro Meldorf. Factories were located at East Rochester N.

Steinway Serial Number Lookup

This gives us a nearly gap free dating of Broadwood squares. This aside, some effort has been made to collect dated instruments and use their serial numbers to produce a trend line for dating instruments. Please be patient as we are updating this page on a daily basis.

Piano Age & Valuation Calculators - s Of Piano Brands & Models
Steinway piano serial number search

Strip away the thousands, and you'll find relatively few which have a remainder over five hundred, perhaps a glimpse of the real output. Published dates of these modern serial numbers vary, and are not reliable, but we have some dates found in the pianos, usually on the keys. Some still just had the imprint. Breakfront furniture has the middle section protruding in front of the end sections. Visit our Grey Market Pianos page to find out more before making that purchase!

On a Steinway upright, the serial number is located just to the left of the tuning pins. Steinway Piano Serial Numbers. The serial number on a Steinway piano are commonly found embossed onto the frame located close to the tuning pins. Looking back, we are very happy with our decision of choosing Roberts Pianos. An interesting angle here is to see how few pianos whose numbers go up in thousands have a high number of hundreds on the end.

See individual names for numbers not listed. You can look up a free piano serial number history search from this page see list of manufacturers, below. We have some individual dates of stock numbers on file, as well as a few lists, and although these are incomplete, they are often useful.

Steinway Manufacturing Serial Numbers

Be wary of what you read on the internet about Aucher dates. Clementi picked up with the second series and continued as below. The serial number is often hidden and stamped on the other side, facing the keys. In most instances, the purchase price is also given.

Steinway Serial Numbers

Some of the variations may be because of various members of the Stodart family producing pianos. With Clementi and Collard, the problem is often in deciding which of several numbers to look at. The following list is partly estimated, funniest dating in the dark and can be very useful if you find the Brasted name inside a piano. This list includes my estimates of some numbers.

Steinway Serial Numbers

Isermann may have made them in that form too. Now that so many people are viewing these lists of numbers on iPhones and small tablets, I am experimenting to try to find a layout that is not destroyed when the screen is very small. Tremaine and Pianola built an enormous business empire over the next thirty years. Linton Floyd-Jones, the grandson of W.


How old is my Steinway M. Steinert & Sons Boston Natick MA

The Piano Book is the bible of the piano marketplace. Several sources have assumed that this was a made-up name, perhaps leaning on the prestige of Bentley cars, but it seems likely that they bought the rights from someone else. Some, in turn, were later taken over by Kemble, and their numbers changed again.

Steinway Grand Piano Serial Numbers
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