William Greer

Driver Of Jfk Limo

Driver of jfk limo

You can see Jackie Kennedy on the Zapruder film looking directly at Connally at this point while he was yelling. While Greer's left hand may have left the steering wheel, there is no weapon exposed.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. For the Anglican bishop, see William Greer bishop.

Greer is in the driver seat. Kennedy Airport Transfers by getting text alerts when your driver is on the way and on location. Track and connect with your driver's location on your dashboard or mobile app. Track Your Driver Complimentary wait time Track and connect with your driver's location on your dashboard or mobile app.

The Presidential limousine shortly before Kennedy's assassination. Another strong point made in the book is the large number of people who reported smelling gunpowder in the wake of the limo following the three shots that hit Kennedy and Connally. He faltered and panicked, slowed the limo to look into the back seat, driver xp multipass c20 and didn't step on the gas until Roy Kellerman shouted for him to do so.

In the enlarged photo crop below, you will notice that both Kellerman and Greer's faces have been completely blackened out. Did Greer make mistakes in Dealey Plaza?

Kennedy s Limo Slowed After the Assassination Shooting BeganFifty-nine Witnesses Delay on Elm Street

Well, I drove the followup car for quite a long time you know, off and on. And when did you complete this educational background? You can obtain the book from Amazon. At the moment captured in this photo, Greer is seen adjusting a control on the dashboard with his right hand. Also, note the shade on the other hand of Greer and compare that color to the suit and tie of Greer and Kellerman.

Greer, in his turn to look into the back seat of the limo, is not pointing any weapon, nor can it be said that he is holding a weapon with either hand. Both of Greer's hands are on the steering wheel as the limo was on Elm Street minutes before the shooting.

Hill knew at that point, I'm sure, what was really taking place, but couldn't do anything about it, so he had to play along. Notice too the wide, oblique black swath covering part of the steering wheel.

Fifty-nine Witnesses Delay on Elm Street

Connally realizes that Greer just shot her husband in the back because she was looking straight at Kellerman when Greer pulled the trigger. Kennedy Lee Harvey Oswald. Existing Account Found An account with this email address already exists.

Zapruder Film Shows JFK s Driver Firing Fatal Head Shot (August 7 )William Greer

William Greer

There's no way that they couldn't see it. But most of my duty was at the White House in that period, that year. Newcomb points out in his book that the majority of street witnesses, the police, and even participants in the motorcade all said that the first shot sounded like a firecracker or a car back firing.