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He and Chloe kept their secret from everyone, except many kept learning the truth, which came out in November. Mia overheard Chad getting news from his father canceling Chad's trip to Vancouver. Lucas Adams to exit Days of our Lives. Chrishell Hartley confirms return to Days of our Lives.

Vivian dropped her bag of supplies and she looked up guiltily at Hope. Anna also worried that Rafe would figure things out. Kate quickly explained that she was skeptical about the future and wanted to make sure that she saw Lucas marry Chloe. Gabi accepted the plea deal and got ten to twenty years in prison.

At the point where they are at, I think she would do a lot to get that, and that is where she is at right now. Stephanie called Max to help move the body. Philip admitted that he had at first, but added that as soon as they'd begun kissing, everything else had fallen away.


For the Nicaraguan swimmer, see Gabriela Hernandez swimmer. With Chloe curled up against Daniel's chest, the two stared into one another's eyes. Nathan arrived just as the nurse was speaking. Carly said that if Melanie didn't have any doubts about marrying Philip, the vows would write themselves.

Chloe informed Nicole that she feared something bad was going to happen and she did not know what to do. Brady and Arianna went upstairs to her room. Touched, Melanie admired the bracelet, but worriedly noted that it looked like a family heirloom. Baker was a baby broker, and that he'd found a baby for her. Baker noted that what Nicole needed was the kind of baby a lot of couples were trying to find.

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At Titan, Melanie told Brady she owned the rights to the alternative fuel project that the company was working on. His father seemed preoccupied, so Chad decided to leave, but his father stopped him to apologize. She confessed to having a serious fight with him the night of the murder, but had maintained her cool and wouldn't have even attempted to kill him. Chloe arrived and greeted Daniel and Carly. He reminded her that the evening wasn't over yet.

Tony entered the DiMera mansion living room to find E. It was actually a pretty long process. The guard throws Chelsea out when Nick gets worked up. She gets another visitor, but it's Melanie, instead of Will and Sonny, who forgave Gabi her past decisions. She briefly dates Nathan, however he leaves, thinking they can never be together due to the hassle already caused.

After cursing Kate to Gus, Vivian realized that she had to get the box back immediately. Assuming he was referring to her wish to visit Sister Theresa, Sami reminded him that she couldn't do anything without his help. Daniel Jonas and Carly Manning in which she was conceived in an affair causing Carly's husband Lawrence Alamain to give her up for adoption.

Melanie was excited, but couldn't wait until the wedding was over so that she could move on with her life. He then asked the bartender to let Stephanie know he'd gone for a walk, and went outside. Baker argued that there was no baby available that was the right age or one that looked like Nicole or E. Philip went over to the bar and accused Melanie of being involved in the drink-spilling incident. Vivian said she was referring to Melanie's wedding to Philip.

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He noted that Anna and Sami seemed close, but she said that they weren't. Maggie theorized that Mia might have run into some friends on the way home. Carly reassured Melanie that it was a recent purchase, so a grinning Melanie thanked her. Bo could tell that his mother was upset with him, dating so he let her have her say.

  1. While Nicole just stared at him in disbelief and confusion, E.
  2. Chloe said she still felt bad for having missed the kiss at midnight, so Lucas began the countdown again, and then wished her a happy new year.
  3. Melanie chose to engage Phillip, unaware of Nathan's true feelings.

Chloe and Shawn

  • Rafe wondered what would happen if Sami gave the baby to the convent and a family wanted to adopt the baby.
  • Worried, Bo ran upstairs to check on Ciara.
  • Baker promised her that her baby would go to a wonderful home.
  • Vivian was glad that Kate was gone, and she told Gus that she wanted to give Melanie her gift on her wedding day.
  • The Crimson team celebrates a change in their fortune.

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Sami introduced Anna to Rafe. Brady said he wasn't romantically involved with Nicole. When the kissing became more heated, Kate pulled away. She applies for a job as an administrative assistant at Titan Enterprises. She then begged him to drive her to the clinic, dating app close proximity and he very reluctantly agreed.

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After Vivian gave Gus a shopping list for her plan, he suggested that she could watch the wedding video repeatedly and enjoy Melanie's death. Hope said that she and Ciara had to leave, and Ciara assumed it was because Bo was mad at her, but Bo said that he could never be mad at her. All photographs are courtesy of Soaps. Daniel Jonas Carly Manning.

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Melanie overheard him talk about going to Maggie's New Year's Eve party, so she walked outside and called Maggie to accept her invitation to the New Year's Eve party. Baker that she needed a baby with two Caucasian parents that was about the same age as the baby she lost. But, Stephanie broke up with Philip for good when she learned that he had slept with Melanie during one of the periods when he and Stephanie were on a break.

Sami agreed, and she wished him goodnight as she got into bed. Arianna explained that she accidentally picked up E. Kate wanted to know what Vivian meant when she mentioned making sacrifices for love. After saying goodbye to Sydney, E.

Kyle Lowder is set to exit Days of our Lives this summer. Stephanie supported Philip through his mother's cancer and soon the two began dating. Melanie recently developed feelings for Chad, though he was dating her best friend, Abby. However, because he was her boss, free dating in kathmandu she causally begins dating Nathan Horton. Image consultant Model Waitress Receptionist.

Down on the pier, Daniel determined that Chloe's ankle was likely sprained, and that they should get her to the hospital to get it x-rayed. Chloe became pregnant and he learned Daniel was the father, not him. Seeing no other option, Anna gave in. She started to say that she was welcomed back into the family with open arms, and then she suddenly remembered that she was missing her hair appointment.

Will compared the way Sami acted when Grace died and how Maggie acted when Mickey died to the way Mia was acting. When Brady asked where Nicole was, E. After Carly repaired the blood vessel and finished on the patient, she asked Nathan why he seemed preoccupied during the surgery. When Rafe and Brady arrived, they both hugged Arianna happily. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday.

Sitting alone at the table, Chloe refused to accept what Father Matt had told her, choosing instead to believe that God's plan was for her to have a baby. He was just concerned that Sami was anxious to get out of protective custody. Stephanie flirts with Nathan during their date, causing Melanie to leave where she finds Philip, the two sleep together and eventually begin a relationship.

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Melanie was nervous about having to write her wedding vows. From across the hall, Bo watched Melanie hug Carly. Stephanie mentioned Philip and Melanie's wedding.

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